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Job Description

A bank operations manager is an individual who carries out administrative and accounting duties in a financial institution by organizing and coordinating banking services.
His/her job description involves managing his/her banks operations team to deliver effective financial services to clients.
He/she is responsible for ensuring outstanding customer relations and high sales, as well as imbibing the banks service culture in all staff members through personal coaching and granting of bonuses and other incentives to motivate staff.
In order to achieve best results in due time, operations managers need to delegate duties to various team members, giving them specific tasks to accomplish for the overall success of banking operations.
The role of the operations manager in a banking environment also involves carrying out assessment of the activities and performances of the banking staff by evaluating transaction reports and accounts balance for accuracy and clarity.
The operations manager, who is directly answerable to the head of banking services, is also required as part of his/her job functions to ensure that the laid down goals and objectives of the company are maintained by all staff.
He/she is also expected to give useful suggestions to the management on how to improve on the banks operation.
Operations managers are professionals with huge knowledge and experience gathered from several years of working in the banking sector.
Therefore, they exhibit high level of competence and confidence in the handling of all financial issues encountered on the job.
They rely on their professional judgment in making financial decisions with the approval of the head of banking services and the management.
Operations managers are also involved in community development activities to increase awareness of their banks presence to the community members and the general public.
It is also the duty of a banks operations manager to provide mentorship to members of the operations team by observing their daily activities and assisting them in solving complicated issues arising from errors in operations.
He/she is responsible for setting up the work flow process for banking operations, and for taking necessary measures to provide the needed support for smooth operations.
He/she will ensure policies and procedures of the company are followed correctly to avoid risks; and also ensure that the credibility of the company is upheld by enforcing professional standard of operating in staff members.
Bank Operations Manager Job Description
Bank operations manager job description, consisting of vital tasks, duties, and responsibilities individuals holding the position usually perform.
Monitor daily operations to ensure a free flow process, and also supervise the execution of daily tasks
Develop and enforce sound policies and structures for the growth of the company
Create a strong workforce by developing competent individuals in the banking operations team
Oversee the processing of centralized loans and other banking activities to ensure due process, accuracy and accountability are followed
Create and implement long term business plan to ensure continuity of business operations in the long run
Ensure client data is protected from the public and secured against fraud by enforcing access rights and verification levels
Develop financial back up plans to protect business operations in the event of major crises that could result in huge losses
Collaborate with heads of other units to develop best practices for successful banking operations
Delegate tasks to members of the operations team.
Required Attributes for the Position of Bank Operations Managers
To succeed on the job, the bank operations manager must have the following attributes:
A degree in banking or other related field
Good sense of responsibility
Good leadership skills
Ability to maintain focus
Ability to multitask
Good judgment to make financial decisions
Ability to work in a team setting and excel.
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