This Doctor Left His UK Job to Provide Free Mental Healthcare to 4000+ in Kerala

   “We see them all the time, like faded portraits. But often we take note only when they intrude into our neat world. We hurry up, trying not to steal a backward glance, while they continue their journeys, timeless and ubiquitous…”

In a country where mental health conditions cost over $1 trillion to the Indian economy (second only to cardiovascular diseases at $2.17 trillion), how unfortunate it is t Read more...


Cancer to Diabetes: Mysuru Millet Doctor Ditched US Job to Make India Healthy

“I already had an inkling of the dire consequences of our diet. But I woke up to the problem only after I encountered the case of a girl who had begun menstruating at the age of six. I was shocked!”


 My great grandmother lived till the age of 94–this, in a country, which holds its average life expectancy rate at only 68 years!

This topic often forms the crux of casual conversation Read more...


Retired TN Banker Sells Home to Turn Barren Land into Model Organic Farm!

63-year-old Senthamil Selvan narrates his six-year journey into converting once barren and uncultivable land into a beautiful farm.

  When most people around him were selling their land to invest in homes and migrate to cities, 63-year-old Senthamil Selvan made a different choice.

The banker with an illustrious 36-year-old career opted for voluntary retirement, sold his home in Katpadi for Rs 40 lakh and bo Read more...


After Saving Thousands in Kuwait, 82-YO Soldier Now Helps Tame Traffic in Bengaluru

  “I might not be directly out on the battlefields, but I am still fighting,” the inspiring legend says. He can be spotted on week days directing morning rush hour traffic on Bannerghatta road, Bengaluru. Keep an eye out for this true hero!


Every morning, while heading to work or elsewhere, most of us are met with an unfortunate urban reality—Traffic. Even if we plan and time the commute, it feels Read more...


10 income tax rules which will change from April 1

  As a taxpayer we need to be aware of the new income tax rules as they are going to impact our earnings as well as the day-to-day lives starting from the financial year 2018-2019.


Contrary to expectations, the Budget 2018 failed to do much for taxpayers as well as the salaried class. However, some sections of society, particularly senior citizens, gained much from its proposals. Whatever be the case, as a Read more...