Inspiring! This Cancer-Stricken Retired Professors Words Are Wisdom To Live By

“ It’s a mental game. I still wake up at 4.30 a.m. and do all my work. And of course, I spend time with my wife–that’s a must from a now retired professor!”

For many, a cancer diagnosis is a death sentence.

However, there are those who are fearless enough to not only face the disease head on, but also take on the challenge of not allowing it to disrupt their daily lives.

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Know These 5 Great Things About Retirement

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5 Best Things to Do Before Retirement

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Wake up, Grandpas gone digital!

 Excluding seniors from internet advertising ignores their purchasing power


When the advertising is digital, senior citizens are generally ignored. This might be a wrong move, as most aged consumers are in control of their disposable income.

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