Power of spiritual consciousness

Abundance and the art of inner engineering

Abundance is our very own inner spiritual resource. A source that all of us draw upon. It would not be an external source or neither is it a choice or a faith. It is very energetic in its purest of forms and a very knowing, palpable and volatile consciousness. This knowing and comprehending of abundance is consciously, sub consciously or even para consciously directed towards our lives.


Abundance is neither good nor bad. It is innate and how best we appreciate it de Read more...

Places to travel in your 2nd Innings

Vacation Spots for the Golden Age travellers

For most retirees and senior citizens, there’s always too little to do post-retirement, creating all too typical days; monotonous news headlines, endless hours spent knitting, occasional visits to children and grandchildren, and a few other routine activities. However, there can be a lot more to do which will make such periods enjoyable, and not one to be endured.

Travelling is one of the many hobbies which can be taken up in retirement, especially due to loads of free time av Read more...

Beautiful are those who feel they are

Beauty Beyond 50

Our cultures, internationally pressurize us to look good, stay young and remain beautiful at all times. It is about time that we sat and mulled over the reason as well as the impact that this would perhaps have upon us. From a more evolutionary perspective, perhaps being beautiful encourages people to procreate. Younger women are considered more desirable and so can have children. If there were a concept where older people could perhaps have babies, then there would not be as many babies and Read more...


Don’t let the fear of dementia unnerve you, it could be just normal forgetfulness


You had gone to watch a movie last Saturday. You had liked it a lot. You met your friend four days later. You narrated the story to him in all detail but when it came to telling him the title of the movie you were at a loss. It took you five good minutes and some shop talk, before you could remember the name of the movie. You are 58, on the verge of retirement and afraid that you might be limping towards dementia. You are not to be blamed. You had read so many articles in the Read more...

Gearing up to face the health chalanges in old age

How to get ready to meet the health challenges of aging

One thing that we cannot avoid is growing old. Old age, with all its accompanying anomalies and complications, will trouble you. To lead a peaceful life when you grow old, what you need is financial security. I am sure all of you who are in their late 40s and above have plans for your twilight years. But, what I believe you would need in your old age more than financial security is planning for overall good health and you should begin right now. According to experts some diseases such as Alzh Read more...