Travel in your 50s and explore yourself

Planning To Retire? These Are The Safest And Truly Wonderful 10 Places To Definitely Have On Your List

The key to a comfortable and happy retirement is to live where there is access to affordable and good healthcare facilities and where you won’t have to spend your grand child’s inheritance merely to survive.


It’s an amazing bonus if the weather conditions are decent and you don't have to worry about crime. These are some of the best places for Indian’s to retreat including a few you may have never thought of!


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What not to eat after 50

Over 50? 5 Foods You Must Avoid

It’s time you face reality! As we’re getting older, it’s not just our attire and flavor in music that change. In fact we must get more selective about the foods we eat. I firmly believe that “Life Begins At 50” because it’s indeed the time in our lives when we’re actually seeing results from a lot of hard work done and wish to see our children all settled.

After 50 you need to take our health seriously. At the end of the day Read more...

Corporate re-hiring retirees

Get Re-hired

Now the days have come where the organizations are re-hiring the retirees.

In past few years many companies have been focussed on downsizing the operations, manpower, resources etc to compete the competitiveness. This is majorly due to lack of talents in their work environment. They have even neglected the looming expenses towards improper management. They all are planning to replace unproductive manpower with the ones experienced; namely the retirees.


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Power of spiritual consciousness

Abundance and the art of inner engineering

Abundance is our very own inner spiritual resource. A source that all of us draw upon. It would not be an external source or neither is it a choice or a faith. It is very energetic in its purest of forms and a very knowing, palpable and volatile consciousness. This knowing and comprehending of abundance is consciously, sub consciously or even para consciously directed towards our lives.


Abundance is neither good nor bad. It is innate and how best we appreciate it de Read more...

Places to travel in your 2nd Innings

Vacation Spots for the Golden Age travellers

For most retirees and senior citizens, there’s always too little to do post-retirement, creating all too typical days; monotonous news headlines, endless hours spent knitting, occasional visits to children and grandchildren, and a few other routine activities. However, there can be a lot more to do which will make such periods enjoyable, and not one to be endured.

Travelling is one of the many hobbies which can be taken up in retirement, especially due to loads of free time av Read more...