8 Summer Tips for Seniors to Beat the Heat

    With the increased risk of global warming, every year registers a record high temperature. Every year is going to be worse than the last year and better than the next. In simple words, every summer season in our lifetime is going to be tough.

The sweltering heat of summer gives you every reason to be careful about your health. If you are a senior citizen you need to be on your feet to ensure you are through this heat monste Read more...


Best Sports and Activities for Senior Citizens

  Physical activities by senior citizens are helpful at many levels, they not only help one maintain physical fitness but also provides an opportunity to get out of their daily lives.

 As per World Health Organization (WHO) people over 50 years of age require a minimum of two and a half hours of moderate endurance activity per week. Physical activities by senior citizens are helpful at many levels, they not onl Read more...


Post Office Saving Schemes: What You Should Know While Planning Your Investment

  The fact that the Department of Posts offer many different investment schemes is one of the major reasons why many retired and senior citizens prefer this form of investment.

 From Public Provident Fund (PPF) to Senior Citizen Savings Scheme to income tax-saving five-year deposits, the investment schemes are many.


Here’s a look at some of the schemes and their Read more...


10 income tax rules which will change from April 1

  As a taxpayer we need to be aware of the new income tax rules as they are going to impact our earnings as well as the day-to-day lives starting from the financial year 2018-2019.


Contrary to expectations, the Budget 2018 failed to do much for taxpayers as well as the salaried class. However, some sections of society, particularly senior citizens, gained much from its proposals. Whatever be the case, as a Read more...


Check online when and who used your Aadhaar Card

 How to check online when and who used your Aadhaar Card? Using UIDAIs Aadhaar Authentication History feature, you can easily check online when and who used your Aadhaar Card.

  You have to link your Aadhaar Card to Bank Accounts, EPF, Read more...