For Decades, Many Ideas of this Scientist Have Generated Crores in 12,000 Villages

Dr Anand Karve, the founder of the Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI), to conduct the work of developing new rural technologies, has a stunning list of achievements to his name, some of which we shall have a look at below.

 Since 1964, Dr Karve has continuously headed research organisations and conducted research projects.

More than 50 R&D projects were successfully condu


Meet the Ex-IAS Officer Who Left America to Head the Swachh Bharat Mission!

  Meet Parameswaran Iyer, a former IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer who currently leads the Swachh Bharat Mission for the government.

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission) promised to bring open defecation in India down to zero, and the government had also guaranteed that it would build enough toilets in every village and city to completely eradicate the problem of open defecation.

Many of us w


These Senior SINGLES are Giving People the Most Amazing Retirement Goals

JOY which is an acronym for ‘Just Older Youth’ is a community where single seniors from across India are connecting with each other, so they can move into the same neighbourhood once they retire.

 64-year-old Parimal Gandhi is a three-time cancer survivor who is now battling its fourth episode. If you were to interact with him, it would be impossible for you to fathom the insurmountable battles, this hale-and-hea Read more...


Senior Citizen Couple Kick off Retirement With Pan-India Motorcycle Expedition!

  Undaunted by ageing, accidents and bone-jarring terrain, this couple chose to fulfill their travel dreams by taking the road less travelled!


 Indore residents Dilip Chauhan, 61, and his wife Pooja, 57, were never keen on a quiet life post-retirement. They are defying age constraints to take a pan-Indian road trip atop a Royal Enfield bike.


The couple has been tourin


Exclusive Interview: Meet the Post WOMAN Delivering Your Mail for 30 Years!

  “On an average, I walk at least for eight kilometres each day delivering letters door-to-door. On some days, like today, we have more than 70 letters to deliver, which means I go and knock on all those doors. Some apartments have no lift, and we have to walk up as well. It does get tiring,” 60-year-old Indrawati says.


Indrawati is a post ‘woman’, who has been in the service for more than three decades.