Senior Citizens Step Up To Help Special Needs Students Write Their Exams

 Seeking to solve dearth of writers for visually-challenged children, retired professionals are doing the job in the absence of young volunteers


 A group of senior citizens in the city has steered post-retirement plans the write way, by coming forward to be exam writers for candidates who require them. While the state government's plan to have a writers' bank is still underway, these retirees are allayi Read more...


A Woman of Many Firsts: Meet First And Oldest Cardiologist of India!

Dr Padmavati was awarded the Padma Bhushan as well as the Padma Vibhushan for her pioneering work!


 Stent, heart bypass surgery, heart attack…all of us have heard these painful terms amongst our loved ones at one time or another. But these were uncommon a generation ago.

So, what happened? How did we reach here?

In an attempt to understand the status of heart disea Read more...


With 20 Degrees, IAS Officer Shrikant Jichkar Was The Most Educated Man of India!

 It is the pursuit of knowledge that takes a man from darkness to light, and it is said that no matter how much knowledge you have, it is never complete or enough. Dr Shrikant Jichkar was someone who followed a similar school of thought, and you will be baffled with his educational qualifications—the man had acquired 20 degrees!


Yes, that is true. Dr Jichkar was a scholar in a variety of fields ranging from journalism to medicine! While he began b Read more...


Ex-Top Cop of Assam Chooses to Teach in Govt. School Over Cushy Post-Retirement Job!

  “We never stop learning — one must always be socially relevant, physically active and mentally engaged.”

 Instead of settling for a cushy post-retirement posting, former Assam Director General of Police (DGP) Mukesh Sahay has decided to use his years of experience as a police trainer to teach mathematics to students at the Sonaram Higher Secondary School in Guwahati’s Bharalumukh area. Read more...


Are Your Medicines Fake? Here is How The Govt Plans to Let You Check in Seconds

The Drug Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) is now planning to form a system to ensure that you buy only genuine medicines.

 Buying medicines over-the-counter is easy if you have a prescription and a good chemist. What often goes unchecked is whether the product you are buying to cure an illness is genuine or fake. How many times has a chemist or druggist suggested an alternative medicine to your preference?