At 87, This Incredible Chennai Woman Has Clinched 414 Medals, Including 345 Golds!

 The sportswoman has participated in 20 international meets, 36 national meets and 59 district meets in the veteran category. Moreover, she has clinched a whopping 414 medals.

Daisy Victor arrives at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium at 7:30 am every day. From running laps to build her core strength to throwing heavy discus and shot put, she does it all.

If you met her in Chennai, you would easily pass Read more...


Agra Govt Officer Sets Stunning Example, Cleans Office & Sweeps Roads Himself!

  SP Singh began his mission to clean Agra, the day he was appointed as the service manager there. He started by cleaning his own office. Instead of appointing cleaners, he took a broom and got to work.


 The people of Agra, Uttar Pradesh, have found an inspirational leader who is heading cleanliness drives in the city. In offices and on roads, you may spot him with a broom in his hand, sweeping the pla Read more...


77-YO Hyd Lady Sold Home to Run School, Taught Thousands of Kids in 25 Years!

Today, even as she turns 77, Beula Gabriel transforms the lives of hundreds of underprivileged students at St Joseph’s Secondary School, that she founded 25 years ago.

 Do you know what an equal chance at a good education can do? It can help parents who have lived in bastis their entire lives move to posh homes in metros in India as well as abroad. It can give wings to the dreams of a house help’s daught Read more...


Work Becoming a Literal Pain in Your Neck? Here is How You Can Fix That

Don’t become a victim of poor posture, as you will be forced to live with pain!

 After returning home from a long day of work, do you feel your body complaining?

Our body has a unique way of protesting against mistreatment—little aches and pains, that can exacerbate into a huge issue, if not looked into immediately. These aches and pains are not age-related. In fact, many people in thei Read more...


Heartwarming! Proud Cop Father Salutes IPS Officer Daughter in Hyderabad

  She is my senior officer. When I see her at work, I salute her. Once we enter our home, we slip into our roles of father and daughter. We have never taken work or discussed work-related topics at home.”


 For a parent, seeing their offspring do well and prosper brings immense joy. This is a story of a father-daughter duo who will leave you with a smile.

On Sunday, Deputy Commissioner of