Practises to keep you sharp in old age

Ways to stay sharp as you age

Feeling forgetful? Preserving your mental abilities as you get older is easier than you think.

So you've noticed some changes in your thinking; you often misplace your keys or have trouble coming up with the right word in conversations. But how do you know when these changes are a normal part of getting older or if they might be pointing to a health problem such as dementia?


How the Brain Typically Ages

Your

Where to work after retirement

Why & Where you should work after Retirement

There are myriad reasons to continue work after retirement: It helps you stay physically and mentally healthy. You can continue working in the same field with more flexibility, fewer hours and less stress. Or you can choose a new career field. For those who apt to continue working even after retirement, below content would be useful.


While at work, many of us dream to have time off, visit places, play the favourites, etc., But when retirement comes they may find mis Read more...

Ready to start your after retirement life


“When you retire, think and act as if you were still working”. This is the common scenario with people who are retired.

Having a sense of purpose could add years to your life, according to a study published in 2014 in Psychological Science. Researchers from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, and the University of Rochester in New York, tracked the p Read more...

Enjoy Travelling in your 2nd innings


For instance, take 74-year-old Omprakash Khandelwal. He made his first foreign trip to London only after retirement in 2001 and since then he has made a couple of overseas tours. The former transport professional says that before retirement, time was a constraint and all that he could manage was inland travel. "With not many responsibilities on me anymore, I have ample time to loosen up and explore places," he says.

Khandelwal is among a growing number of sen

way to stay healthy after 50

Fitness at 50 and beyond

Turning 50 is a huge milestone. For many people, this signifies a new chapter in their life. Maybe your child is now grown and out of the house. Perhaps you're noticing some new physical changes to your body. Chances are, you will feel different once you reach this significant birthday. Fortunately, many of those changes can be positive. Turning 50 means that you have a lot of life experience. You know what you like and what you don't like. Use your wisdom to help you become even more Read more...