Aging Healthy

Aging better: Wake up to the call of your body

Growing old is an art, and staying fit is part of it; but for doing so, what’s necessary is to know the requirements of our body, and take steps, accordingly


Is aging an art? “Yes,” say doctors. They say getting older involves many changes, both negative and positive, but you can enjoy aging if you understand your body, and take steps to stay fit.As you age, your skin, bones, and brain may begin to behave differently. But Read more...

Get ready to travel and explore in your 2nd innings

Bon Voyage on Wheels! Get ready with your Bags!!

Grow old along with me! 

The best is yet to be, 

The last of life, for which the first was made: 

Our times are in His hand 

Who said "A whole I planned, 

Youth shows but half…'' 

Rabbi Ben Ezra



The first part of your life is over, so plunge into action Read more...

Shining example of old Entrepreneurship

How to be Successful after Retirement?

Taking up a career after retirement was not a plan for many till recent past. With increased life expectancy now-a-days, many people are tending to work after retirement. Few people who took voluntary retirement in the past, actually planned something of their interest. Majority of them are happy today as they are pursuing their interest and expertise. So, working after retirement would be blissful and not confusing or tiring if one’s really interested.


Practises to keep you sharp in old age

Ways to stay sharp as you age

Feeling forgetful? Preserving your mental abilities as you get older is easier than you think.

So you've noticed some changes in your thinking; you often misplace your keys or have trouble coming up with the right word in conversations. But how do you know when these changes are a normal part of getting older or if they might be pointing to a health problem such as dementia?


How the Brain Typically Ages

Your

Where to work after retirement

Why & Where you should work after Retirement

There are myriad reasons to continue work after retirement: It helps you stay physically and mentally healthy. You can continue working in the same field with more flexibility, fewer hours and less stress. Or you can choose a new career field. For those who apt to continue working even after retirement, below content would be useful.


While at work, many of us dream to have time off, visit places, play the favourites, etc., But when retirement comes they may find mis Read more...