After Saving Thousands in Kuwait, 82-YO Soldier Now Helps Tame Traffic in Bengaluru

  “I might not be directly out on the battlefields, but I am still fighting,” the inspiring legend says. He can be spotted on week days directing morning rush hour traffic on Bannerghatta road, Bengaluru. Keep an eye out for this true hero!


Every morning, while heading to work or elsewhere, most of us are met with an unfortunate urban reality—Traffic. Even if we plan and time the commute, it feels Read more...


Inspiring! This Cancer-Stricken Retired Professors Words Are Wisdom To Live By

“ It’s a mental game. I still wake up at 4.30 a.m. and do all my work. And of course, I spend time with my wife–that’s a must from a now retired professor!”

For many, a cancer diagnosis is a death sentence.

However, there are those who are fearless enough to not only face the disease head on, but also take on the challenge of not allowing it to disrupt their daily lives.

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Know These 5 Great Things About Retirement

 When are you retiring? What are your plans for retirement? How are you going to manage your finances after retirement? These question often bounce back in our heads because they are inevitable. There are a handful of things to do while answering these question. From investing in ULIPs to buying a guaranteed pension plan – people do it all to sail securely after retirement.

Whether you’re retiring early or traditionally as practised through centuries – Read more...


5 Best Things to Do Before Retirement

 Retirement is the indication; you can step out from the hustle and bustle of life. It is the best time for you to relax.

Retirement brings the family closer. By the time, you retire; you can see your grandchildren playing in the house. Retirement will give you time to enjoy a peaceful life with all your relation.

However, there is a saying: ‘every rose has its thorns!’. Retirement can also pric Read more...


Pune Doc Retires and Sells Affordable Organic Veggies, Wants Us All to Be Healthy!

 Unlike most sellers of organic products, Kharde does not believe in overpricing and so sells them at a fair market price, equal to regular vegetables; and sometimes even at a cheaper rate.


“Pure organic food should not be a luxury, only for the elite,” begins 68-year-old Dr Dwarkanath Kharde, who left his medical practice to go back to the roots, quite literally.

A crusader of a health