Work Becoming a Literal Pain in Your Neck? Here is How You Can Fix That

Don’t become a victim of poor posture, as you will be forced to live with pain!

 After returning home from a long day of work, do you feel your body complaining?

Our body has a unique way of protesting against mistreatment—little aches and pains, that can exacerbate into a huge issue, if not looked into immediately. These aches and pains are not age-related. In fact, many people in thei Read more...


Heartwarming! Proud Cop Father Salutes IPS Officer Daughter in Hyderabad

  She is my senior officer. When I see her at work, I salute her. Once we enter our home, we slip into our roles of father and daughter. We have never taken work or discussed work-related topics at home.”


 For a parent, seeing their offspring do well and prosper brings immense joy. This is a story of a father-daughter duo who will leave you with a smile.

On Sunday, Deputy Commissioner of


Worried About Retirement? Here is a Govt Scheme That Will Help You Secure Your Future

  Launched in 2004, the National Pension Scheme (NPS) is a government-sponsored pension scheme that can be of great help. Initially available only for government employees, in 2009, it was opened to all sections.


 Financial security during those post-retirement years is a genuine concern that plagues many. Ramakanth Desai (name changed) is a 59-year-old bank employee who is set to retire in less than six months Read more...


5000 Km Rides to a 4th Masters Degree: 7 Amazing People Who Defied Their Age

Here are stories of individuals who have broken stereotypes of age, and have achieved something out of the ordinary.

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Around the world, a common way to measure one’s achievements and milestones is to correlate them with one’s age. Like in India, we have the stereotypical age brackets for education, employment, marriage and even childbearing. And if someon Read more...


How Farsighted Was Statesman Vajpayee? His Handling of This Crisis Set The Standard

  Instead of succumbing to immense pressure from his ministers and media, he used the occasion to open a new chapter in India’s history.

 On March 20, the then United States President George W Bush announced America’s patently illegal invasion (based on a lie that Saddam Hussein possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction, and not sanctioned by the United Nations) of Iraq along with the “coalition o Read more...