Chennai Water Crisis: 71-YO Rain Man Helps Hundreds Recharge Their Groundwater!

 When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And so, Dr Sekhar Raghavan is visiting housing complexes every day, hoping to use the upcoming monsoons to recharge the groundwater levels of Tamil Nadu’s capital.


The Chennai droughts have made not just national but international news. Most residents of the Tamil Nadu capital, whether young or old, rich or poor have been brought to the mercy of a couple hours&r Read more...


Ex-Banker from Gurugram Opens School Under Tree, Educates 700 Slum Kids in 10 Years

  In 2009, a group of kids ambushed GK Bhatnagar, begging for alms. At that time, he promised them a free school. Today, Bhatnagar has more than fulfilled his promise!

 At 10.30 am sharp, 70 students scuffle to find the best seat on the carpet under the tree. Some are looking for a cool shade while the others want a place in the front row. Their school has neither classrooms nor salaried teachers, but the students are n Read more...


Are You a Central Government Employee and About to Retire? Here is How SANKALP Can Change Your Life

Every year a number of central government employees retire from various jobs and departments. Retirement of employees is a continuous procedure for every government organisation. The central government has always worked hard to train retiring employees and resolve their pre-retirement inquiries. In one such initiative, the DPPW or Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare has launched the SANKALP scheme.

The main motive of SANKALP initiative is - reorienting the pe Read more...


How an Accident Inspired This Ex-IAS Officer to Give Free Artificial Limbs to Lakhs

Established in in 1975, Jaipur-based non-profit organisation, Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) has, in its 44 years of existence, helped about 18 lakh individuals with varying forms of physical disability get access to artificial limbs, callipers and other aids.

The person credited with lending hope to lakhs of amputees and physically-disabled across not just India but the world, is former IAS officer Devendra Raj Mehta, founder of BMVSS.

Me


Ex-Navy Commander Trains 10,000+ People To Grow Their Own Food Through Hydroponics!

Nurture your plants the same way a mother nurtures her baby!

 Giving this final piece of advice to his group of students in his recent food growing workshop, C V Prakash, a retired Lieutenant Commander from the Indian Navy, starts packing his bag as a new group of students eagerly await his arrival in Pune.

Though he is running on a tight schedule, the ex-serviceman from Dharwad, Karnataka, is excited to sh Read more...