- Why & Where you should work after Retirement

Why & Where you should work after Retirement

Where to work after retirement

There are myriad reasons to continue work after retirement: It helps you stay physically and mentally healthy. You can continue working in the same field with more flexibility, fewer hours and less stress. Or you can choose a new career field. For those who apt to continue working even after retirement, below content would be useful.


While at work, many of us dream to have time off, visit places, play the favourites, etc., But when retirement comes they may find missing their work. Few chose to stay back, few become self-centred but what we suggest is you can look for jobs that allow you to pursue your interests. This can be dream come true for the retiree.


Any business now-a-days needs keen attention and dedicated efforts for its sustainability. This strategy is acquired only with experience but many entrepreneurs, establishments and industries today lack this. This area is suitable to the retired. The experience they gained will not vanish after retirement but it may see a halt. 7 out of 10 organizations are looking for experts to take over responsibility of work stations, quality control, business promotions, sales, marketing etc, etc., this can be easily achieved by the people who have large experience in their profile. Such enterprises long to accumulate retired professionals.


Retirees can adopt following career options.

  1. They can become consultants, for example, with experience in program, product development, manufacturing, finance or litigation are highly sought after. Infact many companies can afford to pay consultants high fees because they don’t have to pay for their benefits.
  2. Part-timers; there are plenty of opportunities in retail establishments for such professionals. 3. Become a Virtual assistant; it is your own designation and you are employed by your ideas and knowledge, but you need a strong link to expose your expertise. (


Retirement is a word that comes with only age and not to the mind. It is not an isolation point as many retired or soon to be retired think. There are plenty of opportunities existing, but lack of exploration draws one towards idle mind-set. This is the era of start-ups and many such institutions are searching for experienced people. The retirees are more apt to it. Decades of work experience and bulk of human relations comes only with age. I would suggest, instead of worrying, the one who seeks opportunities after retirement should start exposing his/her expertise to the needy.


Time has changed. These are not the days to hold resume and knock different doors. The ones who are in need of you are available just a mouse click away. It won’t take a mammoth of an effort rather just a click to is a platforms acting as bridge between employee and employer. Working after retirement is a wonderful platform to showcase your talents. Age is not at all a bar to learn and new tricks. In fact this period would be a leverage for your passion and rewarding for your post-retirement-career.

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