- Suffering from sugar disease?, a specialized online store for elders offers Quality footwear to stay healthy

Suffering from sugar disease?, a specialized online store for elders offers Quality footwear to stay healthy

Old is gold store- store for senior citizens

In India, 50 million people are afflicted with type 2 diabetes which also affects your feet, so you need a healthy and cheaper footwear to keep any kind of infection at bay.  So, a visit to Old is Gold Store shall give you a bang you need, writes


The highest number of diabetics, which India has in the world, is posing a major health problem to the nation. As 50 million people are suffering from type 2 diabetes, the doctors feel timely detection and right management can help the patients lead a normal life.

While the disease spares none, whether the aged or the young, the older people are more prone to it. So, Old is Gold Store has come up with an offer – MCP Footwear for Diabetic Men Activ-10, Activ-9, and Activ-8.


Before you lay your hands on the diabetic footwear, you must know what it is. It is a kind of shoe which is also referred to as sugar shoe which reduces the risk of skin breakdown in diabetics with foot disease. The aim of this footwear is to arrest the complications which include strain, ulcers, cell uses or amputations.


The footwear is also equipped with a system to help diabetics avoid foot injuries and improve mobility. Shoes for people with diabetes have a higher, wider toe box, giving your toes extra wiggle room. Toes that rub against each other or against a shoe get hot spots and blisters which do not heal as fast as they used to when a person was not suffering from the sugar disease.


Also, nerve damage caused by diabetes may make your toes feel numb but an extra room in diabetes shoes protects your toes, and help you stand and walk. As you have diabetes, you need shoes that support your arches, ankles, and heels. But avoid going out barefoot.


Some people may roll the feet too far inward or may not roll the feet inward enough when walking. This can also cause hot spots that may develop into blisters and sores. So, the soles of shoes for people with diabetes have special stabilizers to maintain feet level.

You will notice that the soles are thick and wide. Thicker soles cushion your feet from wear and tear, and that little bit of extra width helps your feet to avoid those hot spots. Shoes made for people with diabetes also tend to be deeper than other shoes to make room for orthotics. The inserts correct an uneven stride, cushion the heel, and support the arches.


Many people with Type 2 diabetes use these inserts, so we need an extra depth. Shoes you’re planning to buy should have no inner seams that may cause a blister or hot spot because of rubbing. So, before you take a shoe, run your fingers around inside to make sure the inner lining is smooth.


Slip-ons are not a good idea because they cannot be adjusted. Feet tend to swell as the day goes on, meaning that slip-on shoes that fit well in the morning may trigger troubles in the afternoon. Velcro fasteners or lace-ups make a better choice.

Most shoes are cheaper online, but there is no substitute for trying new shoes from Old is Gold Store which supplies you branded items. The shoes available at the store provide products with special needs of customers. You have to be very careful about selecting your shops and brands to avoid further complications.

The footwear, provided by Old is Gold Store for people with diabetes, may not set the fashion ramp afire. Yet, they will protect your feet. And, there is nothing more delighting than walking again without pain.


So, take care of your feet, and Old is Gold is with you and forever.


How to get your diabetic footwear

Call up 9840440505/ Website:

Time to reach you: two/five days.

Cost: Rs 625

Shipping charges: Rs100 per unit.


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