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Corporate re-hiring retirees

Now the days have come where the organizations are re-hiring the retirees.

In past few years many companies have been focussed on downsizing the operations, manpower, resources etc to compete the competitiveness. This is majorly due to lack of talents in their work environment. They have even neglected the looming expenses towards improper management. They all are planning to replace unproductive manpower with the ones experienced; namely the retirees.


Like the Americans, Indian entrepreneurs are in search of retired cos they feel these heads can make their infrastructure better. With vast experience in work stations, the retirees can act as think tanks in such companies. The real estate companies in India are in search of these people to make profiles, participate in bidding sites, freelancers for projects etc., this thing sometimes will fill gaps in their staff too.


Many established organizations such as manufacturing, designing, trading; exports are looking for big brains for research and development processes. Majority of the start-ups in India are also considering R&D with old aged. Retailers in specific seasons look for ideas to sell their products in the competitive markets. This is one other area where retirees can offer their service. They can work as part-timers for a certain period.


One other area for retired is customer care services. They have gained decades of experience in tackling customers and would be lot more patient compared to now-on-floor executives. Top corporate companies are considering hire retired for their customer service operations now-a-days.

Freelancing opportunities: There are a lots of opportunities for individuals especially from IT/Banking/Editorial background. You can look for relevant jobs on world’s prominent job portals for freelancers such as, and others. You just need to create an account, upload your profile and start looking for relevant home based working job. No need to visit any office/client visit etc. Just a computer with internet connection is what you need to start earning.


Turn your hobby into income: You won’t believe that your hobby can be a good source of income at any point in your career. For e.g. if you are passionate about photography, then you can sell your photos online and earn royalty or certain percentage of commission. There are few legit websites such as,,, and few others which let people sell photos online and earn money online.

The retired teachers can find place in existing private colleges as many of which lack of experienced staff. They can even help the scholars, thesis works in the universities. They can chose data management work or research projects also if interested.


The advantage of elderly employees would be punctuality which comes with long run experience, this is what attracting the employers to hire them.

Recent census stated India has got majority of youth in present population. We consider it as a blessing. But to train and lead them to the path of success, we definitely need the experienced leaders (retired).

 The interested candidates can look for available jobs at

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