- Beauty Beyond 50

Beauty Beyond 50

Beautiful are those who feel they are

Our cultures, internationally pressurize us to look good, stay young and remain beautiful at all times. It is about time that we sat and mulled over the reason as well as the impact that this would perhaps have upon us. From a more evolutionary perspective, perhaps being beautiful encourages people to procreate. Younger women are considered more desirable and so can have children. If there were a concept where older people could perhaps have babies, then there would not be as many babies and genes. So, it would auger well for us to say that beauty does lie in the genes.


We all at some point live in this utopian illusion that time would stagnate in the here and now situation for we harbor this notion that there would always be equality in stagnation. Time for us is one of the most abused word-an entity that does only go moment to moment and never as per our whims and fancies.  Having said that, we all have this erroneous misconception of associating beauty with youth. Beauty is not merely physical; it does come with other aspects as well. Walking, talking, smiling, in fact all that we do has an inner beauty, glow, charm, grace and etherealness attributed to it. Appreciation of poetry, books, a good piece of art or a fresco or any form of self-expression is all about beauty and this beauty is not governed by time or age.


It is the physical beauty- the external appearance that changes with time as everything in nature has a time span-some short and others a longer time span. Life unto itself is a continuous process of ageing. We fail and many a times refuse to accept this very common place phenomena as we condition age with growth and decay. But this is a continuous process-irreversible and irrevocable. There IS a qualitative difference between looking younger and being young. And no product in the ever burgeoning cosmetic industry can come up with a product that could rewind the years from a person’s life span. But yes, feeling young is more on the mind and has nothing to do with the physicality per se.


The crux in understanding the ageing process is in realizing and accepting the significance of the ‘my body’ expression. The ‘my’ here has all of it that has to do with possession and anything that I possess is different from I. Simply put, each one of us is a miniscule part of that universal consciousness that is again a substratum of all that exists in the universe. Consciousness is the only one that is eternal- it is eons beyond the cycle of birth and death. The day THIS realization dawns upon us, we as a human entity can transgress every aging process. Perhaps it has everything to do with the body-mind-soul connect and in this process of soul connect, realizing that the inner joy and intrinsic beauty is more ethereal than the body beautiful would give us the answers to the most intricate of life’s questions.

Vikram - 17 October 2016

Interesting article with good insights!

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