- Abundance and the art of inner engineering

Abundance and the art of inner engineering

Power of spiritual consciousness

Abundance is our very own inner spiritual resource. A source that all of us draw upon. It would not be an external source or neither is it a choice or a faith. It is very energetic in its purest of forms and a very knowing, palpable and volatile consciousness. This knowing and comprehending of abundance is consciously, sub consciously or even para consciously directed towards our lives.


Abundance is neither good nor bad. It is innate and how best we appreciate it determines how best we direct this resource. People come incredibly creative in terms of abundance but how best they manifest within them is something that goes slightly beyond comprehension if we fail to understand it with even more clarity.


To garner a better perspective of this abundance, it would auger well for us to both define as well as examine true ‘Abundance’. Why? For the simple reason that defining describes a meaning apart from expanding and increasing the both our vision and clarity that would perform miracles in the process of our evolving into spiritually consummate individuals.


Abundance could be defined as something of an over flowing fullness, more than enough, a profusion, an ample sufficiency, plentiful, something that satiates our soul.

Now if we have a problem in identifying how much of abundance we possess in our lives, we could perhaps look at it from yet another perspective. Constriction could seep into abundance if and when we fail to monitor or channelize our thoughts. Some of us can and perhaps have at some point of time in our lives turned abundance into the opposite. We can have an abundance of wealth or a sheer lack of it, or for that matter an abundance of misery or chaos. Abundance somehow has the knack of turning in on itself that it feeds itself on the concepts of negativity, a lack of separation or limitation. It is very human of us to unconsciously divert abundance and perhaps re-direct it towards negativity, which would feed itself invested in negative places and in this process feed on its own self.


For instance, if we attempt something and feed ourselves on negativity, then all the abundance of negativity would work itself super successfully and our experience would become one of negativity. Abundance was always present like the air in the atmosphere but it was our interpretation of it that was unconsciously and subconsciously negative. So, put simply it is our belief systems that have a very pronounced effect on our abundance of negativity.


People in general can be abundantly intelligent, but could not be supported, some possess the abundance of hard work which gets fuelled by the positive energy of abundance. Then there exists a possibility of working hard and successfully but never quite achieve success even though we have a staunch faith in success because we are unconsciously propelled into believing that life is all and only about hard work. Whatever be the reasoning, it is for us to accept the simple but eloquent truth that it is our beliefs that get fed by abundance.


Now, how can a prelude be made in deciphering our beliefs? It is perhaps the belief in abundance being different for each one of us. We are all humungously fed by an abundance of our deepest of beliefs.

So, how best could we draw out from our resources of abundance?

We could do so by drawing out of the immense reservoirs of our deeply entrenched faith in the eternal qualities. Each one of the eternal quality be it love, peace, joy, patience, compassion, freedom, liberty reeks of abundance.


Let us now try and fathom the basics-

Abundance is a knowing and tangible resource.


We as the human species possess the privilege of thinking, contemplating and daydreaming about it.


It would do us all supremely well if we could align a quantum of good for both ourselves and others as well-gentle and harmless compassion.


Mentally connect with the energy of Abundance by conjuring up the image of a flowing river.


Meditate upon it and welcome it to flow into our lives.


Abundance is all encompassing, all pervading. It does not come with an either/or proposition.


Being thankful and grateful by allowing Abundance and Expressing our incredible Gratitude.


When we are not thankful for the abundance, then the universe does not respond positively as it does when we are thankful.


So let us all do some inner engineering and re-align our faith in the supreme power of Abundance.

Ranjith Poleboina - 05 November 2016

nice artical

Shivakumar N S - 30 October 2016

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