- 8 Summer Tips for Seniors to Beat the Heat

8 Summer Tips for Seniors to Beat the Heat

    With the increased risk of global warming, every year registers a record high temperature. Every year is going to be worse than the last year and better than the next. In simple words, every summer season in our lifetime is going to be tough.

The sweltering heat of summer gives you every reason to be careful about your health. If you are a senior citizen you need to be on your feet to ensure you are through this heat monster without facing any health issues. Though every age group has to pay the price in terms of health issues, it is seniors who will face the impact of it at greater levels. No wonder why seniors complain a lot during the summer season!

The heat of summer causes many health issues such as increased body temperature, dehydration, dry or flushed skin, headache, vomiting sensation and fainting. Seniors and the individuals who work outdoors are at higher risk of getting these health issues during the summer.

Water is Your Saviour 


 Drink plenty of water at regular intervals. This is the tip we hear often but fail to oblige. The elderly are more susceptible to get affected by dehydration as the body lose the capability to maintain the required water levels as we age. Also, ensure you drink more water if you are traveling, as the rate of dehydration doubles when we are traveling.

Dress-Up Light


 Avoid wearing the color that absorbs light. Clothes in colors such as black, red and blue are light absorbents and cause increased body temperature which in turn result in more water consumption. Instead, go for white and light colored clothes as they not only give you a cool feel but help you in maintaining the body temperature.

Eat Right 


Summers could be worse but not the fruits that are available during the summer. The seasonal foods such as watermelon, muskmelon and papaya could give you a much-needed relief from the heat. Make these fruits as part of your diet along with the balanced food.

Say No to Outings 


Avoid going out during the daytime. If you have to move out ensure your body is fully covered and you carry a water bottle with you. Avoid direct exposure to the sun as much as possible. Postpone your possible works if the heat could not be handled by your body.

Sunscreen Lotions  


Apply sunscreen lotions (with SPF 30 or higher) whenever you go out. This will protect the skin from harmful sun-rays and also reduce the heat absorbed by the skin during the hot weather.

Shades On 


Use umbrellas to avoid exposure to sun and put on sunglasses whenever you go out. Hats would very useful for elderly with less hair as there are chances of the skin of head getting dried up very easily.

Plan Your Outdoor Activities Wisely  


Plan your day beforehand to avoid the unnecessary need of going out during the daytime. If you are a senior citizen who goes out for a morning or evening walk, make sure you go out early in the morning and late in the evening.

Medical Help at Hand 


Ensure the medical help is at hand’s reach during any emergency resulted in the account of the excess heat. Know the symptoms of heat stroke and if you observe any of the sign in your loved ones, get medical help for them as soon as possible.

With a little bit of preparedness, you can save yourself and your elderly from the stifling atmosphere. Follow these summer tips to ensure the sun goes soft on you.



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